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Kenworth Sales Company Donates $5000 to COSSA Auto/Diesel Program

(Wilder). The Kenworth Sales Company of West Valley City, Utah donated $5000 to the COSSA Foundation on November 12, 2019. The cash is intended to aid COSSA in purchasing a steam cleaning machine for a steam cleaning pad being installed at the COSSA Regional Technology and Education Center (CRTEC). Mr. Bill Pahl from the Kenworth Sales subsidiary in Boise, along with two Kenworth employees, presented the check to the assembled CRTEC automotive technology and diesel technology students.

COSSA has been in existence since 1969. COSSA is a consortium of five school districts (Homedale, Marsing, Notus, Parma, and Wilder) that have combined resources to offer special, alternative, and career-technical education to their students. COSSA currently serves approximately 560 students in special education, 140 students in the alternative school, and 225 students in career-technical programs.

Dr. Harold Nevill, CEO of COSSA, stated: “Our automotive and diesel technology programs of study do not have industrial steam cleaning capability to clean the pickups, trucks, and tractors we accept from community members on which to train our students. Before learning can occur inside these vehicles, we have to clean the outside to access the nuts and bolts to take the vehicle apart. The industry standard is to clean with steam. Our students need to experience this in order to fully understand what they will experience when they enter an industry setting. We are very grateful to Kenworth Sales for their generosity in helping us purchase an industrial-grade steam cleaning machine.”

COSSA is best known for the very high positive placement rate of its career-technical education students. Students are considered “positively placed” if, in the year after high school graduation, they are employed, in post-secondary education, or in the military. Most COSSA career technical programs have 100% positive placement, year after year.

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