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COSSA Schools

COSSA is a public school cooperative serving Homedale, Marsing, Notus, Parma and Wilder School Districts. COSSA has a long-standing (50 years) commitment with the participating districts.

COSSA provides Career-Technical Programs, Alternative Jr/Sr High School, and Special Education to the five participating districts utilizing shared resources. Using shared resources has been shown to be significantly cost effective and beneficial to the districts in reducing the overall cost of providing high quality programs that would not be available to small districts independently.

97% of CTE Program graduates and 83% COSSA Academy graduates are employed or attending post-high school educational programs. COSSA was recognized by the State Department of Education for being in the top 3 in the state for student advanced opportunities.

CTE Students earn transferable college credits (academic and career - technical) through BSU, ISU, CSI, LCSC and the U of I.

COSSA facilities are supported through funds generated through the member school districts. COSSA does not have the ability through Idaho Code to independently generate funding for facilities.

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