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COSSA Academy hosts a dance with help from local donors


Each year, Superintendent Sherri Ybarra hosts a giving campaign in our office and this year's recipient was COSSA's student-sponsored prom! After a couple weeks of collecting donations, Supt. Ybarra delivered a $350 check to COSSA principal Patricia Frahm! COSSA is an alternative school in Wilder - to support students and families, COSSA's student council reached out to the community for help funding their prom. Superintendent Ybarra and our team members were so delighted to contribute to this cause!

COSSA Academy received donations from several local business and groups. We would like to thank all that helped and would like to recognize several large donors for their help in this endeavor. COSSA received donations from the Canyon County Republicans Women group, Superintendent Ybarra's office, Owyhee County Probation Office, David & Jamie Wood, Scott & Patricia Syme, Countertop Refinishers, Charles Abel, Dawnita Tincher, Tonja Graham, Nadine Jemmett and Murray's Ice Cream & Treats. These donations allowed COSSA Academy to host a very successful Winter Formal. Thank you to all that donated and those that gave their time to help the COSSA Student Council with this endeavor.

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