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Pre-Engineering Technology

Engineering Technology Education programs provide students literacy in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM). Students study, design, research, construct, and test structures, materials, and techniques commonly used in today's highly advanced STEM industry applications. Instruction is centered around four curriculum areas that study the engineering design model and its associated technological processes. These areas comprise the umbrella of knowledge needed to function in a technological world that includes the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics and other academic disciplines. Students develop critical thinking, problem solving & teamwork abilities at increased levels of complexity.

Instructor Bio

Mr. Bert Kirby

7 years teaching Pre-Engineering for COSSA

15 years with Mason & Stanfield engineering firm; Designing subdivisions, commercial buildings, gridges, dairy farm and golf courses. Also did aerial survey mapping for cities.

17 years with EG&G Electronics, involved in building GPS satellite systems, IBM airport wind shear radar systems, military equipment: Apache Helicopter, M1 Tank, Phalanx Gun Systems, MX and Patriot missiles.

Students who complete the pre-engineering program may apply the credits towards an Advanced Technical Certificate (ATC), Associate of Applied Science Degree (AAS), or a Bachelor's of Applied Technology Degree (BAT from Idaho State University. Total credits possible is 27. Students must meet certain requirements, including earning a "B" in each high school class, to be eligible for college credit.

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