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What we provide!

  • Rigorous classroom training in anatomy & physiology, medical terminology, pathophysiology, airway management, patient assessment, medical and trauma emergencies, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

  • Realistic scenarios for practical skill development

  • Patient contacts at clinical site

  • 10 college credits! through the College of Southern Idaho at a reduced rate.

  • Internships

  • Industry Certifications


National Registry of EMT's

Idaho State EMT License

AHA Healthcare Provider CPR

Landing Zone Officer

Extrication Awareness


Weapons of Mass Destruction

FEMA - Incident Command

Instructor Bio

Mr. Scott Webb

I was born at a very early age…. starting there would not make this brief so let’s skip ahead a little.

After getting out of the Army from active duty as an MP.  I went into the Army reserves as a medic.  The Army sent me to EMT and paramedic school at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, IN.  I became a Nationally Registered paramedic in March of 1994.  Since then, I have worked in almost all aspects of EMS.  I was a 911 emergency response paramedic for 14 years and an industrial occupational health paramedic for 17 years.  I worked to help destroy the chemical weapons VX, Sarin, and Mustard in Newport, IN, Umatilla, OR, and Richmond, KY.  When I left Richmond, I was one of only 50 paramedics in the country doing that job.  I have taught EMT classes throughout my career.  I have also taught Advanced EMT, all levels of CPR and first aid, Pediatric Advanced Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support.

Skills you will learn!



Communication Skills

Job-seeking Skills

Positive work ethic

Critical thinking

Problem-solving skills

Career Paths



Wildland Firefighter

Flight Medic

Military Combat Medic

SWAT Medic

911 Dispatcher

Law Enforcement



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