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Stacked Tires

Heavy equipment/diesel is a program designed to prepare students with skills for the field maintenance of heavy equipment, and in general maintenance and overhaul of such equipment. Heavy equipment/diesel includes instruction in inspection, maintenance, and repair of tracks, wheels, brakes, operating controls, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, electrical circuitry, and engines. The course also includes training in applied communications, and employ-ability skills including leadership, human relations, and safe, efficient work practices.

Upon completion of Level III and passing the NATEF certification exam, students may earn their ASE certification

Instructor Bio

Mr. John Montana

17 years experience in the diesel industry (farm equipment, motor trucks, construction equipment, motor coaches)

Hobbies include hunting, fishing, camping, building furniture, and restoring Hodaka motocycles.

"If I can change students' lives, I've done my job."


  • Students are required to have and supply their own pair of dark blue coveralls to wear in the shop.

  • Students must have and supply their own (shop appropriate) leather shoes or boots to wear in the shop.

  • The students are responsible for the tools and tool boxes that are assigned to them. They are liable for missing tools.

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