COVID-19 is causing great concern in our community, a concern that the COSSA School District is working to address daily.  In response, we have been working closely with Southwest District Health and referring to guidance from the Centers for Disease Control to base our planning to respond to the spread of COVID-19 on the most recent tracking of the disease and the latest science that has been reported on the disease. For the latest information please go to the website

Remote Delivery Information

To honor the Governor's order to "stay at home" and the need to practice "social distancing", COSSA is moving to remote delivery of instruction for COSSA Academy and CRTEC career and technical school classes. We will begin to organize this remote delivery on Monday, March 30th. Students and parents will be contacted by COSSA staff beginning March 30th, to determine if their home has online capability, and to determine the best method of maintaining contact with the family, whether through the Internet, by email, or by phone. Please do not come to CRTEC or any district school to contact COSSA staff - no students or parents are allowed on school property during the "stay at home" period ordered by the Governor. For those families without online capability, alternative arrangements, such as learning projects, will be provided. It may take the entire week of March 30th to organize remote delivery of classes, so we ask for your patience. If you have questions, you may leave a message at 208-482-6074 Ext 1001. Thank you, and please stay safe.