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Certified Nursing Assistant

A course designed to prepare students for beginning employment as nursing assistants in nursing homes, hospitals, and other settings. Content includes medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, care of the patient, and assisting as a member of health care team.

Upon completion of the CNA course, students will take the Idaho CNA examination.

College Credits

Fundamentals of Health Professions articulates to:

HO 105 - Intro to Allied Health

HO 106 - Medical Terminology

for a total of 4 college credits.

  • Uniform scrub pants and top

  • Closed-toe shoes

  • Watch with a second hand

  • Immunizations

  • Background check

  • Must be at least 16 to take State Certification tests.

  • Must pass Fundamentals of Health Professions and Medical Terminology with a "B" or better to be admitted to the course.

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