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Law Enforcement

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The Introduction to Law Enforcement program provides a great learning
experience for those interested in a career in law enforcement. The coursework in
class not only introduces students to the realities of law enforcement, it allows
them to gain practical skills used by Police and Correctional Officers every day,
which will give them a head start should they pursue a career in the field after

The students study a wide variety of academic subjects from Constitutional Law,
Criminal Procedures, Idaho Code and the FEMA National Incident Management
System to more physical skills such as Defensive Tactics, weapons-handling, ASP
Baton, and handcuffing. The students also study Verbal Judo, which is a course in
conversational techniques designed to allow officers to de-escalate police/citizen

The Law Enforcement class has obtained some quality gym equipment and
physical activities are very much an integral part of the curriculum. The students
create their own personalized fitness program and engage in routine exercises
throughout the program. Students will come away from the class more motivated
and disciplined than any other class they take.

“We do not rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our

-Archilochus, 680-645 BC

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